The Gears of Civilization

When one person–as one gear–turns, no matter how small, no matter how unseen, it gradually turns those in closest proximity, those we are immediately engaged with. In an interactive galactic creation dance we are all vital partners. Like both constellation and quark–by moving–we affect one another. By turning–we rotate the Universe. When one woman in […]


In the evolutionary “systems view” the feminine movement transforms the ancient mind-set of “us vs. them” into the radical heart-force of “we are all THEM.” In a fundamental shift of focus and social behavior, the closed fist of anger now opens out into the extended hand of offering. The more we serve others, the more […]

The Powerful Physics of Cohesion

The Evolutionary Woman moves as water, never letting the resistant barrier of tradition: “This is the way it’s always been done,” ultimately impede her progress. Water, as a single drop, may appear ineffectual but beware the powerful physics of cohesion! The impending evolutionary wave is not impressed by the seemingly intransigent wall of intractable authority. […]

The Appointment

The “appointment” is the arrival of that which destiny is asking of you. The “anointment” comes from within, the pure impulse of conscience and heart united. When what is “appointed” and what is “anointed” converge, there does the evolutionary woman ride the crested wave of 21st century to the cutting edge of change. The voices […]