THE EVOLUTIONARY WOMAN of the 21st CENTURY.... Lifting the Feminine into Leadership

The Evolutionary Woman_cover

We are a collective that looks to a common story or myth for purpose. When you hear a good myth filled with hope and potential, one that activates and mobilizes the power and wisdom of women to come together for the good of all, you want to be a part of it. Here, in ‘The Evolutionary Woman of the 21st Century,’ is the new myth that women have been waiting for!”

 Marilyn Rosenbrock Nyborg, Women of Vision and Action; Gather the Women Global Matrix


“Victoria is the wise, spiritual, creative and deeply nurturing mother figure that so many of us women wished we had by our side growing up. Her book ‘The Evolutionary Woman of the 21st Century’ is a must read for all the women out there who are yearning to free themselves and impact the world. Her voice is a Feminine Force that our planet so desperately needs to hear at the moment…

Wake up and rise up, sweet sisters!!”

—HK, New York, NY


There is no greater power on Earth that the 21st century woman may possess than living an idea whose time has come. The Evolutionary Woman of the 21st Century is a clarion call, exhorting women to extend their natural feminine gifts past 20th century supportive participation and move them to the forefront of 21st century leadership. The evolutionary  leader of our times no longer stands aloof on the top of a pyramid of competition and ego, dispensing commandments and issuing directives, but instead turns at the heart-hub of a wheel, with a 360 degree view, reaching out to all in equality and respect. These are the new leaders of the age, innovative women who have come not to serve the ego, but have arrived at this momentous time simply to lend a hand.

What exactly is “an Evolutionary Woman?” An Evolutionary Woman is a woman of any age, race, or nation who feeling the insistent drumbeats of both heart and planet reverberate its request within her conscience feels no choice but to radically respond. Women are now eager to take up the stewardship of a dying humanity that has fallen forgotten, buried under the common dust of apathy. Yet the response will not be in the traditional revolutionary movement, but an “evolutionary moment,” that in its natural timing has finally risen transparent to social view. One simple, honest, heart-impelled action may achieve a startling response. Some of the most powerful landslides of social change have been initiated when a single individual—sensing a new time—dares to move just one grain of thought and unleashes an irresistible evolutionary force.

It is my hope that The Evolutionary Woman of the 21st Century will release the seeds of peaceful rebellion into the winds of change.