“Victoria’s profound wisdom and keen intuition have guided me in every aspect of my life, allowing me to reach new levels of growth that I never imagined possible.  I wholeheartedly recommend Victoria to anyone searching for spiritual mentoring, intuitive insight, healing (on many different levels), relationship counseling, art therapy, or just a morale boost for everyday life. If you are blessed enough to experience Victoria’s energy and light you will surely never be the same…trust me.”        –SK   La Jolla, CA


Intuitive Spiritual Counselor

What you can envision, you can become…



Utilizing my empathic gift of intuition and my experience of over 35 years of counseling hundreds of women, I specialize in issues of grief, healing from abuse, self esteem, taking risks, taking on challenge, and spiritual development.

In times of crisis, life delivers us to the very edge of experience—a final precipice—off which is the unknown. This edge cutting painfully right through to our Soul, opens us to increased awareness. Here, if we are courageous enough to peer down into the wound, into the seemingly endless abyss, we will find our core material laying exposed. It is now that the heart, activated by that which frightens us most, opens up to draw in the restoring vitality of life. For some of us, this will lead to a richer, deeper quality of life; for others it will simply be finding a life, having never before known the genuine experience. Right within the all-consuming emptiness of grief and loss–revealed within the core of heart–is found the crucial healing substance that we most need.

Crisis often motivates and impels change and growth; a springboard to evolution. Imminent collapse of any structure, while appearing as grim, intimidating, and destructive, may also portend our impending arrival at the momentous birthing grounds of possibility.

With confidential spiritual insight and non-threatening intuitive guidance, I would be deeply honored to support you in finding your best potential and achieving your greater destiny. Let’s explore together and find the authentic self and inner joy that is reaching out to you from within; your best teacher and most reliable guide…your own heart.


Telephone/Skype consultations : 45 min  $75.00

In person: 45 min  $100.00



“Thanks to Victoria’s amazing intuition, wisdom, and insight, my life journey is easier and my self confidence grows stronger every day. Without question, she is one of God’s little angels placed here on this earth to empower women through their core values of love and peace. I hold her in my heart forever and stand in awe as she inspires, educates, and redefines the role of women around the globe.”    –CW   Rancho Santa Fe, CA

“Victoria is my go-to source of strength when I need support, when I feel stuck, or when I’m going through any kind of conflict or pain. She’s also the first person I share creative ideas with or stories of success and accomplishment, because I know that I am safe, celebrated, and empowered in the space that Victoria holds for me. Her profound intelligence, spiritual wisdom and Soul-deep intuition enable her to see right into my core and offer the exact words of advice I need to hear.” –HK   New York, NY

“At our first meeting over 40 years ago, I sensed Victoria had unique gifts, and a heart filled with love and compassion uncommon for one so young.  Through the years I’ve had multiple opportunities to be the beneficiary of her extraordinary gifts of intuition, steadfast positivity, and transformational wisdom. Victoria is a woman of integrity, vision, and infinite love. My life has been enriched by her work, and her presence in it.”   –TB  Boulder, CO

Victoria is pure love and light. I have had the pleasure of spending time with her over the years; she has consistently brought strength and positivity to me especially during times of great need. She’s a wise woman who cultivates a rich knowledge of what it means to be a woman and whose intellect, intuition and spiritual presence is nothing short of inspirational. I am lucky to call her a mentor, a guide and a true friend.”   –KM  Grass Valley, CA