Victoria Covell grew up in New England and has since lived in every corner of America, often on islands. An intuitive women’s counselor for over 35 years, she has helped hundreds of women to discover self-empowerment, self esteem and self love.

A single mother who has raised two boys, she is a businesswoman, author, artist, and inspirational speaker. She has been a volunteer as both a hospice worker, and as a hospital chaplain. The producer /director of an educational documentary about AIDS, she is also a social activist who over a lifetime has launched numerous campaigns, for example:

Locally:   A Women’s Town Hall on the Methamphetamine Crisis

Nationally:   One Million American Jews for Peace in the Middle East

Globally:   12.12.12/ The Global Evolutionary Wave

A poet and writer, Victoria is the author of the nationally award winning book: “Spirit Animals;” and “The Evolutionary Woman of the 21st Century…Lifting the Feminine into Leadership” (ebook.)

She currently resides “beachside,” in California, USA, where she is at work on her next book: “The Feminine Face of Change” to be published in 2017.

Victoria’s Facebook site, a global community page for women: “The Feminine Face of Change” with daily inspirational posts, has currently over 17,000 members from over 100 nations…come join us!!!

Instagram: evolutionarywoman