The Holographic Paradigm

August 30, 2016 0 Comments

The holographic paradigm is a modern theory of the physical world structure/pattern developed from examining the photographic hologram. This theory states that the entirety of something (the whole) is aware of/or represents each constituent part, just as every one of its parts is aware/or represents the “whole” of which it is a member. The holographic paradigm also explains that ideas do not live in one fixed, particular location, but exist everywhere. In drawing from just one particular fragment of a hologram, you would be able to duplicate the entire picture. In my book, The Evolutionary Woman, it states: “(that in the holographic model) because we are not situated in one specific location, we then have no private territory we must defend, nor any personal ideas we must competitively protect. In the holographic paradigm, wherever we find ourselves, we contain ‘the whole’ within us. Therefore, there is no need to grasp in greed or clutch in fear, holding onto what is already–and has always been–ours.” The holographic paradigm, a perfect model for the 21st century’s social evolution, renders the ancient concept of competition obsolete.

Because in the holographic concept each and every part holds the complete information of the entire whole, when one individual shifts, the entire collective shifts. Just as the seed of an oak tree contains within it the blueprint and architecture of the mature tree, so do we also, hold the pathways of scripted knowledge of our vast potential, within us…available to us at all times. When a human being takes on new understanding, new knowledge, the genetic fabric of our species is informed with it. We have no choice in the holographic model but to be transformed, because the new information ingested by a single part is now invested in the entire system. Never devalue the individual contribution of heart: your actions, your words, or your thoughts…they literally redesign the structure of our civilization. To affect a quantum transformational paradigm shift you need only to personally extend one small humane act of kindness or compassionate to turn the world irrevocably toward love.