Women Hack the Attack

August 15, 2016 0 Comments

Each woman has the right to sanctity of body and sanctuary of home. Yet, simmering and festering, just below the surface of collective feminine consciousness, a systemic disease daily denies our gender this natural right. There is no denying that modern global women do not own a safe territory of private peace in which to dwell or roam. Held prisoner to the invasive fear of physical attack and rape many of us are, in some secret part of us, perpetually frozen on guard. Having relinquished security to a pervasive cultural tolerance of violation against women, we cower in a crouched posture of shame, shrinking in horror as our basic human rights are increasingly decimated. Why should one-half of humanity live in fear of the other half? Women’s bodies are not the satisfiers of someone’s momentary lust or anger; they are the ancient powerhouses of the proven ability to elevate civilizations! The Women Nations of Earth have had enough! Sick and tired of feeling unsafe, being threatened, assaulted, and dominated by both words and actions, we are exhausted, we are angry, and we are deeply hurting. This toxic social disease, defined by the United Nations as a worldwide pandemic, is insidiously eroding the potential of an entire generation of inventive young women. No more. Women will never achieve true parity in any facet of life until we strongly resist and resolve this fundamental threat against our gender. Without strengthening the Feminine wing of the Great Bird of humanity, our entire species will never achieve lift off. To bring the genders into balance women will now hack the worldwide acceptance of masculine domination as inevitable, shifting the global perception of women as vulnerable and disempowered by powerfully finding our voice.

All over the world, at a mind-numbing rate of 70%, girls and women, held captive to a ubiquitous angry power play, are forced to become the slaves of violence. This ancient global condition, often wielded as a weapon of war, which unarmed women have suffered for long, long ages, has now accelerated to such intensity that women, otherwise living normal lives, now have no other recourse but to yield. It is in society’s sighing allowance of gendered degradation and woman’s embittered attitude of tolerance of what is now in most nations–the commonplace–that we enable this virulent condition to thrive. The shocking statistic that 1 in 3 women will experience sexual or domestic violence in their lifetime is a low estimate due to the vast under-reporting from victims who feel humiliation or fear reprisal. The social virus of rape, abuse, and attack is gifted access to the feminine environment by women’s collective silence. It is time for the mighty Feminine Sphere to take back its womanly power and put an end to the steady invasion of women’s rights. This issue, that many shrug-off as a mere “pity,” must now become our gender’s first priority in actions of personal and civil resistance, radically bumping this campaign for Feminine liberty up from the micro of whispered denials to the macro of achieving dominion.

Violation against women is not inevitable nor is it a Manifest Destiny! Our species CAN choose to resist the mandates of violence; this destructive behavior is not hard-wired into our genes by ancient history. Miraculously encoded in the human DNA is the evolutionary prompt of transformation, the promise of embedded growth. Will women, choosing this inheritance, now decide to stand upon it in dignity rather than continue to crawl helplessly through the primordial ooze of disrespect and dishonor? Yet where is the Feminine fury? Where is woman’s outraged conscience? Where are the angry voices of the mothers and grandmother, the sisters and aunties, and the honorable men who support them? In order to not “heir” the perverted environment of violence against women to our daughters and granddaughters, it is time for “nice girls” everywhere to come forward, no longer crouching behind good manners or sodden apathy, and evolve into 21st century women of honor. Never mind what others think! Stand up in resistance, and use your voice, however rusty, however reluctant, as both witness and warrior to defend our gender. Rise up with a personal dignity to speak out the public truth, for if women are not the courageous protectors of our children, and one another, then WHO ARE WE?

Make no mistake: domestic violence, rape, and attack are the extensions of a rapidly intensifying war against the Feminine…a war waged with the intent to reduce and deny the growing capability of modern women nations on the move. Physical attack and verbal abuse are the visible evidence of, and reaction to an even deeper threat that lurks hidden just below the surface of our society: The need to control. Domination extends its intimidation of girls and women by both verbal and physical violence, insinuating or maintaining patriarchal power over the Feminine to deprive our gender of natural rights due every citizen. Women must now push back against this insidious threat by refusing to participate in the equation of domination! Never underestimate the effects of silently condoning demeaning comments, or meekly accepting patronizing behavior, or quietly listening to degrading jokes, or passively allowing furtive gropes…this is exactly HOW subjugation and slavery begins.

Slavery is an act committed by someone who, fearful of losing personal power, seeks to own or control another, even for a moment. And yes, rape–of every kind–is slavery, even when committed drunk in the dorm room, or forcefully by the husband in the bedroom. Coercion of any form (including forced oral) is slavery. Sexual abuse of children is slavery. Sex trafficking is slavery. Pimping is slavery. Female body mutilation is slavery. Childhood marriage is slavery. Illegal immigrants forced to become unpaid domestic servants for fear of being deported is slavery. Terrorists kidnapping girls to become an unwilling “wife” is slavery; yet also is the unseen, beaten wife, too terrified leave, trapped equally into an ongoing slavery. While sexual perverts chaining a girl in the basement is clearly an act of slavery, so too is locking a woman relative in a closet because she has the audacity to drive a car. Let me be clear: Anything that takes away an individual’s inherent right of choice, her birthright of self-determination–thereby denying her freedom and equality–immediately subjects her to the depravity of slavery.

There is no individual, regardless of authority or celebrity; nor any institution, regardless of prestige or tradition that holds power over your inheritance of freedom. Any individual who feels that he has full prerogative and ready access to your body any time he chooses to assault you is now going to be severely challenged on that assumption by a courageous force field of global women, witnessing. Only you have the right to offer yourself to another, or NOT; it is your decision and no one else’s. Anyone who robs you of that right goes to prison. For a long time… (are you listening, judges?) Because you were not offered the right of decision to partner with his actions, he will not be offered the right to partner with his freedom. Deplorable actions while lasting momentarily for the perpetrator, last a lifetime for the innocent, aggrieved, and abused victim. The individual who commits violence will now be held accountable for his lifetime, to own the burden of where his choices have carried him; his identity declared for all to know.

Outright or even subtle blackmail by any authority figure, or “well-intentioned” advice of a friend suggesting that a victim keep silent and not expose the absolute truth is not progressively healing a problem; it is purposefully hiding a problem. Bureaucracies, customs, and courts that take violence against women lightly, or blame and shun the victim, must also be held publically accountable and repeatedly called out! Institutions, whether religious, military, or educational, that seek to hide violent felony crimes as well as to loyally protect a band of brothers: Take warning! In the 21st century, every abuser will fully experience the impact of his actions; no more lack of critical consequences! Vicious attacks against the feminine gender will no longer be left unacknowledged, unattributed, and un-tethered, allowing the predator to roam free to ensnare his next victim. This is not a threat. This is a promise. Woman, taking back her feisty feminine power, will now by placing her shame into the flaming fire of heart forge it into the fierce sword of justice.

Global women are now moving out into the streets with a mother’s protective anger to take back the safety of the Earth Commons and set our gender free. If necessary we will fight for it–every one of us–and fight for it, DAILY. When women come to cherish justice more fiercely than they cherish not changing up the status quo to speak out, every aberrant social disease that disturbs women’s peace of being will be eradicated. This is not about hating and vilifying men; this is about eliminating and extinguishing a rampant human disease. By identifying and calling out abuse whenever we hear demeaning language, see printed harassment, or witness aggression, no matter how cleverly it is insinuated, or how deeply it is hidden, we powerfully push back against every intention to reduce the capability and dignity of women. Push back wherever subjugation appears: In family; in media, in advertising, in business, in education, in religion, in the arts, in science, in athletics, in the military, in civic forums, even in your home (i.e., the night intruder who appeared in my bedroom,) or out in the night streets (regardless of how much or how little we choose to wear,) wherever we choose to gather and freely live our precious lives. Together, we’ve got this! While one woman, as one drop of water, might appear as ineffectual beware the powerful physics of cohesion! When small, individual drops gather their resources together they quickly become a passionate river that is simply unstoppable.

Silence, that has NEVER been a solution, is to hide your brilliant self under a dark veil of shame, a veil that never was yours, and never will be; it is solely HIS. This suffocating veil is lifted when, choosing self-respect, you make the bold decision to expose abuse–even when it appears within your own family. Do not let yourself be smothered by silence (either personally shamed, or socially suppressed by family or judicial system;) this not only harms all womanhood, it provides the perpetrator availability to the very freedom he denied you. Choking back your truth allows the abuser to never have to face his truth, freeing him to endlessly repeat his violence upon other women. When 21st century woman raises up her whole being into an impassioned statement of “NO” to speak out her anger against abuse: “this far and no further,” she will set the new limits of zero tolerance. While many will say that this is an unachievable goal, I believe that when women decide to make the invisible, visible, we will make the impossible, possible. It is the archaic belief of women as vulnerable that attracts attack; the current substantiation of women’s inherent strength will now prove our freedom. Ancient victims are rapidly awakening into modern heroines.

In the 21st century the empowered Feminine is no longer willing to yield to the global tyranny of violence, meekly surrendering to the desires of brute force. The vulnerable and cowering woman of yesterday is now evolving exponentially into the strong willed, independent Citizen of the World! The voices of women will no longer be weak, overwhelmed, or intimidated. The status quo, however entrenched, however condescending, however threatening, will not be allowed to silence us, subjugate us, or hold women back from taking our rightful place. Love, no longer on the defensive, is boldly moving into offensive positions of power to secure the planet.

The fierce Mother Lioness, having long lain sleeping on the savannah, hearing her beloved child crying out, is now fully awake and RISING.