In an Evolutionary Zeitgeist

August 7, 2016 0 Comments

As a descendant of “firebrands” of the American Revolution in the 1700’s (the Otis family,) a “Call to Arms” runs deeply in my blood. In the name of my ancestors—my lineage of a fierce passion—it is my intention as rebel to rouse not only the people’s conscience, but also the personally outraged heart! The status quo, merely by its millennium of established history, has no inherent power, only that which has been allowed by a tired and tortured humanity. No matter how successfully it has maintained an entrenched position across the ages, it can—in one evolutionary moment—be swept away by the definite decision of a determined people. The idealistic intentions of the Evolutionary Woman movement are neither unrealistic, naive, nor frivolous, but altruistic, necessary, and possible. When one woman steps into the pool of conscience, the water rises only fractionally, but in an evolutionary zeitgeist, when nations of women step into the pool together, the waters overflow into the unprecedented paradigm of change.