The “Enfolded” Paradigm

July 7, 2016 0 Comments

In the theory of the implicate order, a paradigm in physics where everything in the Universe is “enfolded” into everything else, when you perform even one small act of kindness no matter how locally, or offer another just one bit of inspiration no matter how unseen, the Universe as the ever-developing “batter” of creation thoroughly incorporates (“enfolds”) your effort into it. The new ingredient you offer becomes the revising information that affects each “part” of the “batter” as it cohesively transforms the entire whole into an utterly new entity. The contributing ingredient acts as a “leavening,” and as the batter is informed with expansion, it “arises.” You, as an evolutionary woman, are that leavening agent. Your small, intimate one-on-one work, when “enfolded” into your community causes the whole environment to amplify in gift, to increase in strength, and to rise up flourishing.