Beyond Symbiosis

June 20, 2016 0 Comments

No matter how much some may wish it to be so, we do not operate in isolation. A disconnected, divided, and fragment world is no longer possible. The old tradition of alienating tribes and shunning nations is not sustainable in the strengthening web of the Internet world. In the evolutionary “systems view,” the feminine movement, focused on inclusivity, transforms the ancient competitive mind set of “us vs. them” beyond even the compassionate “we and them,” into the empathic heart-force of “we are them.” Motives and methods severely out of balance, out of control, will be brought into equanimity by the ground swell of feminine gift, the nurturing heart swell of conscience. Teamwork will now replace competition. Polarity will be replaced by relationship. Community sustainability will now replace personal and corporate self-absorption. The glut of greed is now replaced by the generosity of gifting. Appreciation now replaces intolerance. Actively living our humanity replaces the currently ubiquitous cruel destruction. Equality replaces hierarchy. Dominion of top-down command is replaced by the self-dominion. Dialog and diplomacy replace violence and attack. The new energy of industry, no longer impressed with the traditional thrust of force, is replaced by the receptivity of open inquiry. Symbiotic tolerance of the “global village” now replaces the insular racial and religious beliefs that exclude or condemn. These replacements will be achieved not by an angry revolution, but surely, steadily by an unavoidable and peaceful evolution. With the insistent and persistent usage of the inherently feminine ways, the old festering traditions that have never been successful, will over time…simply fade away.