Metanoia: A Shift of Mind

May 30, 2016 0 Comments

Why is an “evolutionary woman” myth needed? Clearly the traditional methods are neither expansive nor thorough enough to heal the urgent needs of our time, to meet the vital of modern global women. It is now, while the old ways of governance and communication are clearly failing, that the new myth of the evolutionary woman in leadership must push upwards onto the groundspace of humanity and out into the airwaves; activating the force of women into a larger, gifted contribution. It is time for a collective “metanoia” (from a Greek word meaning a “fundamental shift of mind,) time for a profound change in human consciousness and motivation. A “metanoia of heart” establishes a new mode of compassionate interaction between the peoples of Earth, as well as to and from the Earth itself. Yet, presently, material that supports the 21st century heroine in an empowering myth of feminine leadership is not readily available. The intention of the modern myth of the 21st century “evolutionary woman,” is to offer both a luminous inspiration at the speed of love, as well as a sturdy support in the journeywoman’s daily quest of the authentic life’s bold contribution.