Within the Matrix of Evolution

April 28, 2016 0 Comments

In a geological movement of evolution, the vast fault of society slips sideways and in the resulting earthquake and social upheaval, the stunning new material of our time is exposed. Understand that everything in creation, no matter how entrenched it appears, is constantly in motion. Nothing is fixed. Nothing is set. Everything is open to change, and when “re-quested” by the passionate heart, everything is possible. At every moment any entity or process is capable of unfolding, “morphing,” blending, and refolding into new patterns, to reappear in radically new and even astonishingly different form. And yes, it will shift; it is already happening. As we move beyond the boundaries of the 21st century, stepping over the rubble of patriarchal tradition, we find ourselves wandering in the expansive groundspace of startling new perspectives. Within the matrix of evolution, in an intercellular joy of recognition, we see old, rigid positions that have stood the ages are now organically transmuting into soft images emanating from and dancing within the heart.