Evolutionary Wave

April 15, 2016 0 Comments

We stand on the crest of an evolutionary wave; on the verge of the greatest social potential movement humankind has ever experienced. This rising evolutionary wave, whose time has now come, is simply unstoppable. This momentous time could be looked at as either the most disastrous time in which to be alive, or the most thrilling. I choose to see it as thrilling! This is the time of extreme creative possibility rising up right in the face of all that would challenge or even thwart that possibility.

And I say let it rip, let it come! I am ready for the changing of the guardians! Are you? Are you ready to catch the crested evolutionary wave of the 21st century and ride it to the cutting edge of change?

It has been said that there are those “who make things happen,” and then there are those who merely sit back and watch what happens, and some who have no idea that anything is happening at all. Which one will you be?